Trim [Poll]

  • I use trim
  • I don’t use trim
  • What’s trim?

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I can see the poll, but where’s the pole? 😉

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“What’s a poll?” :laughing:

I have a question about trim in IF. In a real plane you use trim to hold a certain attitude which means you can take your hands off of the yoke and it will continue to fly at that attitude. That’s not possible with IF because you are constantly moving the device you are flying with which is like pulling or pushing the yoke. I can’t figure out how it is used except to increase the elevator throw. It would seem you would have to disable the device movement some way to simulate the real characteristics of trim.

I hate using trim, it seems like there is no point because I know that wherever I pitch my plane where I want it, it will still be up or down a little bit so it isn’t going where I want it.

Also, you spelling poll like pole really bugs me 😂


Haha didn’t realize until now.

Why was with poll made?

For fun :smile:
It is the community page after all. We can discuss anything we want that’s related to IF.


Okay just wondering :smile:

I don’t think trim is that useful, having to re adjust to the new setting is a bit of a pain. I have the control flexibility to pull back a bit more anyway, there is no need to use trim.

I find it quite useful. I was a little struggle before because I could barley see the screen when I was trying to pull up for landing, but now that I know what it is and what it does, it helps a lot. :smile:

I don’t use trim a lot. When I do, I always mess it up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Best, Boeing707

I always have positive 20 trim when I takeoff and land @Boeing707

Thanks for the tip.

Best, Boeing707

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For those who don’t know what trim is…

Best, Boeing707

You are welcome :wink:

For takeoff I set the trim at +50% (all aircrafts), during landing +50% for all Boeings (except the 777s) and Embraers, and +100% for the Airbuses and the 777s.

@Swang007 how do you make a poll like this?

The box you type text in supports HTML. Just write a poll like this:

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- Answer 2
- Answer 3
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