Trim Indicator Feature

Hi IFC, I have an idea for a new feature that could be implemented in a future update. This is just a small request, though I believe that it would make a huge difference to the simulator and ensure a smoother flying experience. I’ve noticed when adding trim to an aircraft during flight the pink line which signals the amount of trim needed for a climb, cruise or descent can cause difficulty when determining weather negative or positive trim is required. This usually ends with me adding positive trim rather than negative trim by accident, as there is no visual indicator to split the two in between. I’ve created a concept of what this could look like. Let me know what you think!

This is actually a really interesting idea, and I could see it being really helpful.

I’m out of votes sadly, but I think this should be added!


I would love that! got my vote! 😝

Great idea , got my vote 🤘🏾

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That’s a very good idea. Always a bit confused how to correct and this would really make it much easier. Voted!

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Thanks! I’m glad you like it

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Thanks so much! I appreciate it :)

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Thanks for votting!

Thanks so much! It’s always confusing to determine weather negative or positive trim is needed. Hopefully the development team could implement this soon.

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I was going to write up almost exactly the same thing… swapped a vote to this. I completely agree with a zero mark on the indicator.