Trim I need help with trim.

Can someone exain how I can use trim effectively to make landings asd takeoff’s much better than they are.Any contribution is appreciated, thanks guys.


Check this out

Thank you very much

We got multiple great topics here on IFC explaining a lot about trim and how to use it! I’d check them out if I were you, I’m sure they’ll help.


Trim I think of as a tool. It just relieves you of pressure when holding back on the yoke or pushing it forward. Trim makes your life easier and therefore I think it isn’t necessary for short hops.
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I have a null zone setup for my pitch control, so I always use trim. It allows me to hold the elevators steady at any angle not just 0.

Since no one has said it, adjust the trim up or down until the magenta bar goes away.

Yeah that’s for when AP is engaged. If you are not using AP, use - trim if your VS keeps increasing, and + trim if your VS keeps decreasing. Higher speed means - trim.

Also, especially make sure you can’t see the magenta bar like what @DylanHK said when you’re about to take control from the autopilot during final approach, because that’s what makes you pitch up or down violently when you take control

For 787s do not use more than +30% trim it’s ultra sensitive for this aircraft.

MD series you must over +50% trim

It’s really dependant on weight as well. When light I need negative trim on takeoff in the Q400.

@Allen_Lu I always use up to 40% trim in the 787 to get the magenta line away, otherwise if you take control you have to constantly pitch the nose up, there’s not really any specified trim you should use apart from takeoff and landing, it’s just until you don’t have to put any more pressure on the control tower

It’s a bit different if you use a joystick or null zone.

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