Trim for Aircraft

Hi guys can someone give me a guide for the trim settings for various Aircrafts for takeoff? thanks

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Hey mate,

There is plenty of tutorials in regards to the use of trim. Some of these are linked below:

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions.


Personally I give the A320 7% trim on landing. That’s just me I dont know what other people do

Since Declan already linked the more specific trim settings, I’ll tell you what I do. For me it’s personally more about feel, if I’m at 135 knots in the A320 approaching the runway and I feel like the plane is dipping, I’ll put a little trim. Just learning the feel of trim is what is best in my opinion

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I’d prefer it if the trim was expressed in terms of ° as opposed to %

The 737 for example can provide a maximum of 16.9 units of trim under manual control.
The green band on the trim wheel is between 1.5 and 6.5 units of trim.

16.9 =100%
8.45 = 50%
4.3 = 25%

My advice is to find a trim chart and in the case of the 737-800, say the required trim according to that is 4.7 then do 4.7/0.169 = 28 so say 28% trim for takeoff.

The IF trim is implemented as an offset to the pitch control though, so I think it might just be adding to the pitch control percentage

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