Trim during cruise

Is it important to use trim during cruise, I usually just set it to 0 but the purple line it always there. What would happen if I matched the trim to the purple line?

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When you disengage autopilot and calibrate first your pitch won’t go crazy


To add, I’m sure that you have seen videos of planes in real life and the trim wheel sometimes is spinning like crazy when the autopilot is on and at a set altitude… welp just like Hoss said, Infinite Flight you gotta do the work and so when cruising it does not matter if the purple bar is present. When you are going to be disengaging autopilot however, you should start adjusting the trim to the point where no purple is seen… but a side note, do it in small increments do not go from 20 to 50 trim cuz even though your on AP it’s gonna make ur plane go

And to use your case as an example to be more clear, you can have it at 0 when cruising but your AP may have it at 30 but you don’t know that and if you turn off AP your 0 trim won’t keep you level, you are going to start going all over


actually AP in IF doesn’t trim the aircraft you still need to set your trim manually just like with flap settings also i can have my trim at 0 but as long as i calibrate right my pitch won’t go crazy after i disengage autopilot, also trim helps with aircraft pitch at high altitude especially with heavy aircrafts such as the 747 otherwise AP will use up a lot more engine power “N1”

I see what you mean and I may still be wrong but then why is there the purple bar? And how come I can adjust my trim when cruising and can get rid of the purple bar? If I set the trim to 0 and calibrate before I disengage my heavy aircraft cruising on autopilot I’m almost certain that the planes pitch will move even if your device is still because the AP was holding at a certain trim setting but in IF your plane is just gonna go fly with 0 trim and your calibration will have little effect if AP was trimming at 50

AP doesn’t trim the aircraft AP would just move the yoke back n forth, if there’s a purple/pink bar shown in the trim bar at cruise altitude that means you need to add positive trim depends on how heavy your aircraft is and that purple bar will go away, to put it simply its almost acts like flaps? for example if you’re flying a 777 at 200kts at flap 0 AP will add more engine power and pitch up higher to maintain altitude, you can even add positive trim for takeoff as well along with flaps,.

the reason why your aircraft might pitch up/down after you disengage AP during approach is because the AP was pitching the Aircraft up or down using the “yoke/side stick” so you need to know before disengaging the AP, for example if i am going to calibrate i will push my device a bit forward and calibrate it and then bring it back at idle and then disengage AP therefore i don’t need to bring the yoke towards me too much to keep the pitch up.

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Drop an eye on #tutorials when you have questions like that. That’s how I learnt, it will make the game easier for you

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To get maximum fuel efficiency make sure that purple or pink line with the trim is gone. When it’s gone during cruise it will stretch out your fuel. Learned this from Mark aka Skyhawk Heavy!

Ah, I understand now, great explanation and helped not just the poster of this thread but me too!!! 👍😃

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