Trim Color Indicator

Since learning about using the color indicator on the trim my flights have been smoother. Since I cannot “feel” the pressure on the stick when flying on my iPad (I am in autopilot all the time and flying large aircraft), the color indicators really help me to properly trim the plane as I ascend/cruise/descent. The trim indicator is helps when flying in high altitudes while experiencing strong cross winds and high level wind shear. Great addition to the flight panel.


How is elevator trim connected with this? I don’t really understand, sorry 😅

I think he meant to say that when flying in strong winds the airplane nose is constantly on a “ up and down “ so the trim color keeps changing from green to red/orange color all the time. So he knows the plane is having a hard time fighting the strong winds. That’s my guess


If the aircraft is trimmed for the appropriate airspeed, the trim indicator (magenta line) should be absent from view in level flight.