Trim color indications

I just noticed that there are red yellow and green bars on my trim box, and sometimes green or red arrows pointing up and down. Is this a new feature? And if so, does it tell you that you need to trim for your airspeed? Or is there another explanation? Some guidance would be helpful. I have never bothered using trim but now this might be a helpful feature. Looking forward to everyone’s comments and advice. Mike

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Yes the trim indication bar colours are new.
The indicate as you described that something with your trim is not good.
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change your trim.
It could be also solved by changing the cause of the trim issue.
By example

  • flaps setting
  • airspeed
  • climbrate
    Most likely speed and flaps.

A bit more about this.

Hope that explains it a bit better than just words.

You could test this out the same way with the airframe of your choice.
Just set heading and v/s fixed and play with speed and flaps.
Do also check it for different grossweight and attitudes.


Thank you. This is helpful and I plan to experiment with this. Much appreciated. Mike

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for me i use the trim as my yoke on departures such as i would point my device down just enough to where the trim is green intill it is time to rotate then i will tilt my phone just enough intill green and it help me with perfect takeoff

Much appreciated. Mike

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Thank you, i will try that on my next flights

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