TRIM Button

The TRIM button on devices with not too large displays causes unwanted movements. Example, when we move the “TRIM” we end up lowering the flaps accidentally. It is uncomfortable for those who like to fly commercial aircraft and take the simulator to the most realistic point possible.

A tip would be to place the “TRIM” button above the “SYSTEMS” button slightly upwards.


Interesting. Not sure if I would want this added, but I understand your logic.


When we move or adjust the button we end up lowering the flaps in full flight.

It is necessary for those who have a device with a small diplay. I count on your vote.

But then we click on systems and boom, trim is accidently hit


the TRIM button would be just above the SYSTEMS there is a good space for that.

@EVO_G-vlogs_200’s point is the same thing would likely happen if the trim button was moved. I think the current format doesn’t need any fixing, never had any problems.

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How big is your display?

Hmmm, yes, I kinda see your point on that. Although I fly on an iPad and therefore this isn’t an issue for me but I understand how it could help phone simmers.

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I use a mix of my iPhone (4”) and my iPad (10.5”). I don’t have issues with button placement on either. It doesn’t matter about the size, it’s more getting used to the button placement.

Yes, very, very!

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Your iPad has a good proportion, so it does not affect.

I count on your vote.

I count on your vote. ;-)

Yeah unfortunately I won’t be able to clear a vote but good luck with your request!

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Okay! Thank you my friend!

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I use a mix of my iPhone (4”) and my iPad (10.5”)

I don’t use one more than the other, my point is size doesn’t matter here.

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Aware!!! Thank for coment

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actually I don’t think so, because the TRIM is used on take off and landing, when you’re on manual flight. If the TRIM goes to the “system” window is gonna be more difficult to control in manual flight

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I usually don’t have a problem with the trim button. However, I always struggle with the buttons on the FMC. (Delete Wpt, Act. Leg, CLEAR, etc)

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Would this work like a trim button like the one on the yoke of my cessna 172