Trim (Boeing 787-10)

Thanks for all the help, fuel remaining/eta is out of the red/orange. So far have 9:11 remaining (flight time 8:26). Cruising FL 370 @ mach .86, and I am burning fuel at a rate of about 11,500 lbs/hr.

You do notice that in both the pictures, the condition isn’t the same right. (In your tutorial)

In the second picture, you have a decreased N1 and and -ve VS in comparison to your first picture.

I too agree with @s1b2p5 and the fuel consumption is nearly the same even after trim. Differs just by a small bit and not the margin showed by your pictures. But your explanation of how trim works is perfect; maybe IF slightly downplays the role of the trim.

@Ayush_Mathur I think the N1 went down because of the decrease in drag due to the trim. Everything else looks the same other than the trim and the N1.

You can checkfor yourself. There is a difference, But so extremely minor.


I’ll probably check that out later, I’m about 6 mins out of my TOD. Then I need a rest after flying for so long.

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There is no difference at all actually. Any change you’re seeing is probably from the aircraft re-stabilizing

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That was dead on: I ended up with 10% fuel when I landed. My flight time was 17 hrs 16 mints.

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Exactly what I’ve been trying to see.

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