Trim advisory.

Somebody help me with the Trim issue. The altitude is fluctuating from 29939 ft to 30063 ft, which is a lot.
I am flying a Boeing 777-300er from Sydney to Paris. Cruising at FL300 traveling at M 0.85. My aircraft load is 95% - 343.1 tons.


Please see below:


When I approached the FL300, I set the VS at 250ft/sec, The minimum level.

How fast did you lower the VS?

It was lowered by the autopilot.

Then it probably went from whatever you had during climb and slammed it down rather then doing it smoothly. The Autopilot isn’t super graceful in these situations.

So, what can I do to improve the situation?

I tried to lower/increased the Trim but so far, nothing work. Right now, Trim is set at 3%.

Might wanna change the first word lol

The only option that might solve this is to turn of the AP entirely, then only turn on VS and then NAV or HDG again. Then control your altitude with VS only.

MY mistake LOL flying=))

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