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Hey guys.
I have a problem with the A320 family when it come to trim, i don’t know if they operate with auto trim in this game however i have a problem when landing that the nose wheel touches down very firmly even with +30 trim after the rear gear have buttered the bread. Does anyone know how this can be stopped?


Hi @CaptainDixon,
The Airbus A320 in Infinite Flight nor any other aircraft in IF does not contain the feature of auto trim.
I’m aware of that same problem myself. As I’ve found that the aircraft front wheel comes down faster than usual.

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I think this is an issue with all the aircraft in infinite flight in general. The physics needs an update to get the nose to ease down more gently. Personally don’t find this a huge deal though.

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Don’t have spoilers armed when landing and your nose landing gear will grease it too.

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In real world trim is automatic on airbus.
In IF you can trim (to the good value) whenever you want during approach. All you have to do is to be trimmed and calibrated before release auto approach. So your plane doesn’t sink or go up when releasing before landing.

I don’t trim when taking off.

just dont arm spoilers until nose wheel on the ground

You’ve gotta keep flying the airplane. This means don’t release all back pressure just because the mains touch. According to some that fly it in real life, it is accurate that the nose will come down quickly if you let it.

When you touch down you need to keep holding back and apply opposite pressure as the nose comes down. This will ease it to the ground even with spoilers activated. Like anything, it takes practice. 🙂


I can only say the same as Tyler: keep flying and practicing and you will nail it!
Happy landings 🛬


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