Trike Ultralight

I know it might seem… Weird, but haveing one in Infinite Flight would be amazing.

Hello IFC,
I am looking for some small fun aircraft to fly, and all I see is the 172 and X-Cub so the Trike Ultralight would be great for this situation.

Aircraft Specifications
Weight 102 lbs.
Empty Weight 186 lbs.
Gross Weight 550 lbs.
Climb Rate Approx. 300-500 FPM
Sink Rate 220 FPM
Glide Ratio (L/D) 10.5 : 1
Wheel Base W-62" (outside)
Wheel Base L-61" (front-to-rear)
Height - Trike folded 2.25 feet w/o prop
Smallest Size folded W27" x H30" x L55"
Source:ATF Ultralight Trike · North Wing

Here is some information on the Trike Ultralight:

Vote if you agree!


Can you add informations about the feature ? I am curious.

(And don’t forget to vote for your own request !)


Also please give the owner of the photo credit

Definitely no! We shouldn’t add a kite.

Please check the guidelines before posting:

  1. 1 picture per request . A small minority of requests will be permitted a second photo for the purpose of context
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Picture Removed…

I like the idea, but I feel that people would fly them at larger airports and mess up the air traffic


There is already a feature request for this aircraft or whatever it is :)


We have enough light aircraft now we need heavy aircraft to be either reworked or released.

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I closed the feature request that this was a duplicate of. Please continue to add more information such as aircraft specifications to detail this feature request. Thanks.


Next we add air balloons and we have online steam edition with balloons doing Mach loops and trikes flying at FL10000. In all seriousness no please don’t add this, or ban it from big airports and let it only spawn on echo airports, otherwise it will really though for the controller to control his airspace with planes flying 30 kts.


That would be really fun to fly, but you can see in AFP95’s videos what this causes. You should get an instant Grade 1 if you fly this in any big airport! But you have my vote!



This would be awesome! I would love to fly it around in very small airports. You got my vote!

I have some sort of empathy with about every feature request, in this case I am sorry to say that I have never disagreed more on a request. I dont think theres many people wishing for this, neither do I think it will let Infinite Flight profit much or at least not enough for the work and effort put in. Also regarding the amount of reworked GA aircrafts and especially the XCub the need is lower than the need for new commercial or any different type of plane. Still respecting the request!


Oh no 😂😂 I smell trolls if this gets made and implemented into the game also a meme in IF

Would be cool to have, but I feel like it would be the perfect tool for trolls. Also, from what I’ve seen in AFproud95’s videos on YouTube, it may cause a variety of issues in terms of realism 😂

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“Welcome to steam addition.”

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I feel like this aircraft is not something for infinite flight. But your topic :) good luck.

-Julian K.

I’m out of votes so imma have to like but it’d be nice. Also. These should have airport restrictions