I love the fact that IF has started diversifying the planes they have available. I would love to see this trend to continue because there are already many variations to the same plane but we have yet to see a trijet on IF. What trijet would you like to see? I personally would like to see the Lockheed L-1011.


this isnt a request for the lockheed this is to see what other trijets the community would like to see.

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I would love a DC-10 or an MD-11!


My bad, sorry. We sometimes get people posting feature requests in general, as they cannot post in features.

To answer your question a MD-11 :)


understandable, and I know cuz my 2nd post on forums was to implement the lockheed and it got taken down for being already suggested.

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The famous MD-11, “coming soon!” *

* “Coming Soon” refers to the joke that it was meant to come out, but has been said that it won’t any time soon.


make a feature request :p

i see the FEDEX MD-11 all the time at EWR. they have about 5 or 6 and they look amazing.

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Another option i would go with is the falcon 7x. It would give us a nice trijet compliment to the Citation X

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Would love to see a 727.

Wait. Tri means three. There are three sides on a triangle. Illuminati confirmed.


Only you…


I always see the FedEx MD- 11 at Sky Harbor International(PHX)!

Many people have allready requested the Md-11 and the Lockheed TriStar. Please search before you post!

I would love to see the dc 10 in infinite flight

What about the TU-154? It will also add the first russian airliner to IF.

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i like it, it reminds me of the Citation X with those brakes

MD-11; but I’d also like to see a Dassault Falcon, I feel like the Citation X is getting lonely.


man! i just looked it up, I would definitely take that one for a spin!

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Gotta be the Tristar.

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