Trijet Cartoon

With all the anticipation for the DC-10/MD-11 in IF, I thought this cartoon of the classic DC-10 and L-1011 trijets was both funny and timely. On a more serious note, it does accurately illustrate some of the US carriers who once had them in their fleets. I was lucky enough to have taken flights on both types. Did a search and found nothing like this. (Photo Credit: Mr-Uhrig)


I can see that it is a very accurate demonstration and is also to scale! Great find.

Love the cartoon! Not only is it amusing, but it also shows that someone enjoyed these aircraft enough to make a caricature of these fine examples of the DC-10 and L-1011. And yes with the timing, its very fitting show more of the aircraft. I just hope that we get to enjoy some of these classic liveries when the new update is released. Cool find for sure.

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I love the faces! Very well drawn.

Very good drawing! Shows two different enemy aircraft and their users. 👍

Missing is Continental on the DC-10 side and Pan Am on the L-1011 side.

The faces gave me a good laugh. Great drawings, thanks for sharing! :)

I honestly didn’t notice the faces at first glance. Lol. That’s funny.

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The cartoons are so adorable. Good find my friend…

Cute. Looks like the planes from the airport scene in that kiddish boring movie called Cars 2

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