Tried out the 737-900

Just trying out different aircraft I try and master one before moving to the next

This was on the training server from KPDX to KSEA


Great screenshots, keep the good work mate! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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Beautiful scenery mixed with a beautiful livery… what a perfect combination.


@Niccckk @anon45851224 thank you guys ive noticed that people arent super interested in screenshots anymore due to the lack of effort put in I’m trying to bring the screenshots catagory back! Lol


Nice shots

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My god! photo number 4 is beautiful. Like what @Niccckk said!

Great screenshots, as someone who likes a bit of real world photography I love the chance to get shots I can’t in real life… if the screenshots category comes back like you say, count me in! 😊