Tried contacting Approach but no response

I was flying in the expert server from EGDM to EGLL a couple of days ago (11/04/2024), tuned in to approach and started communicating but I could not hear/receive any response, I thought the approach was afk so I changed frequencies to tower and still the same issue, I then got level 3 violation for not following instructions even though I couldn’t establish any form of contact with ATC. I tried to fly on the training server, and still can’t seem to establish connection with radio at all, I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, changed voice and restarted the device and still is not working

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for the violation, you can contact @appeals , for the issue, is your internet connection okay?

I already contacted Appeal, but my internet connection is great yes

Is the network you are connected to using a VPN by any chance?
Have you tried another (Wi-Fi) network?

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you also couldn’t see the chats? or were you just unable to hear the audio?

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