Tried APPR for the first time today...

A321 American livery landing at EBBR Rwy 07R Advanced

It was going good for the most part (good speed fluctuating around 140, flaps open and a trim of 8%) until I reached the runway then the plane bounced 3 times off the runway XD. The touchdown was looking perfect too smh.


What were the winds? I think there is a maximum crosswind, headwind, and tailwind of 10kt or 15kt that the autoland function can land at.

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3kt crosswind SE to NW

Did you turn the APPR off before the runway?

and did you have the spoilers on

no, was I supposed to turn it off? yes spoilers were on

Yes it tends to misbehave if you turn it off before your on the runway

Hmm, that sounds odd since you said you had a good 140kt. speed… should’ve landed fine since it doesn’t sound like there were any out of the ordinary flight conditions.

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It’s supposed to be on till you get on the runway

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the touchdown looked perfect until for about 2 seconds then the tires went through the map and the plane bounced 3x

I didnt turn it off

Then it must have been a one off glitch if the wheels went into the ground. I would do another autoland approach and see if the same thing happens again.


Most of the time I use APPR until I’m about 2 feet off the ground, then I just hold the controls manually. However, if I do use APPR for a full auto-land experience, I disengage it once it applies the brakes. I recommend that you try what I explained.

I might be wrong, but if I remember correctly the APPR works at best with a speed which keeps your pitch at approximately 2.5° (on the A320 family).

I’ve seen you landing once, and man… you really need that Autoland :P


@Alan_Perez. Landing Speed is the key. You control it. To hot you’ll ride a bucking horse, to slow you’ll dump it. Vref and chop the throttle over the keys ride it down, let ground effect settle you down on the mains first. (Insure your spoilers are set for landing. APPR is a gem in the rough. Practice with it at a remote field till you get it right then and only then fly a “B”.)


but he said he was at 140 knots :/

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MaxSez: 140Kt where? Was the control column forward to bring the nose wheel in contact after the flare. Where the spoilers set. What as the throttle position when the mains where down. When where the reversers applied.
When where the brakes applied. Lot of factor here. Sound like he’s lofting caused by to much forward energy.

on the approach lets assume final too.

I think 125-135 knots will be better…