Tricky Flight

Hey guys Im in a bit of a pickle right now and I need suggestions for this one. Im in a flight and it wont be arriving till 7 hours. Its currently being charged but when I check the percentage its going down instead of going up what should I do? This is the first time it has started appearing.

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Screen brightness right down, find a faster power brick and try that? Low power mode on your device and close anything you don’t need that’s running in the background. Also try turning things off like bluetooth/ location.

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I have screen and everything down I also have low power mode and the other things have been turned off.

hmm… best bet is to get a faster wall charger. what device are you using?

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Currently using an IPad I actually might have to get a new charger cause of this.

different chargers will give you faster/slower charging depending on what the wattage is. the other thing to try is turning on low power mode in the infinite flight settings.

I do have low power mode but its still draining at a slower rate which buys me time. I might have to divert to Seattle or anchorage.

Lower your graphics and point your camera facing upwards in your cockpit. That makes it so the scenery below you doesn’t render in full detail and reduces device stress as does lowering all your graphic quality settings.

Ok that might buy me some time but are there any reasons of this issue? I know this cant be IF fault.

The culprit here is likely either your device or the charger you are using. What iPad model are you using?

Air 4. My Ipad started gaining percentage only when it was at 36% tho I might have to let my uncle check it out soon.

Maybe you delete your old replays , set FPS to 30 , clear your scenery cache, and engable automatic low power :)

Hmm… are you using multiple wall plugs? From past experience that can affect the amount of current your ipad is receiving, especially if you have other devices plugged in…

I would definitely suggest loooking into one of the higher wattage charger bricks Apple sells. It might be overkill but personally I use a charging brick that’s meant to be used on a MacBook Pro when flying IF and it keeps me in the 90% range

Hows this going? Did you survive your flight?

I landed safely in KATL😀

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Nope havent had those in awhile

Yea but I don’t think could be the chargers fault since it works perfectly on other devices.

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Yeah, I believe the charger works fine, but what I meant was other charging bricks with higher wattage can push more power into the device and charge it faster so the power won’t go down if the device is using a lot of power running IF.

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