Trickiest Approach?

NZMF - Milford Sound



@Jay_Roman. MaxSez; That s a keeper. Thanks


It’s 13, directly above the crowded Kowloon City! :)

The last time l was there the only rwys were 02/20 …have they built another one since the global update !!!

What about that butan one in Asia. Only 8 pilots are certified to land their in the real world

Paro airport is the one in Bhutan.

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Me and a buddy are heading for queenstown in an hour or so, it should be a good one.

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For me a few like Innsbruck and Kai Tak(Old Hong Kong airport) are on my bucket list.

Kai Tak runway 13 should be the one

Lukla and Kai Tak are tricky

Lukla. If you stall, you’ll smash into a cliff wall…

@Jay_Roman Milford Sound awesome. Thanks for that one.

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Is Kai Tak in the game, can’t seem to find it

If you are landing on Runway 24, then this is definitely the trickiest.

Glad to see that People know Madeira. In TAPVA our pilots are constantly flying there. We even did a training In WMBT Just for this airport.

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Awesome, how did that go bud?

Couldn’t have gone any better, got the sunset perfectly number of screenshots I took was insane. Have you managed to master it yet?

Been there myself. Very fun tho

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Yeah it is did an a380 landing on it type in Kai tank on the search and you’ll find it

Have it pretty down packed… it’s lucky there isnt any METAR available. Approach will always be clear lol

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