Trickiest Approach?

Hi guys, just wondering the airports in which you have experienced the most difficuilt approach? I currently am trying to master the NZQN (Queenstown) approach - it has lots of mountaineous terrain.


KASE runway 33 and kai tak can’t remember what number.


I tried Paro yesterday, hard stuff. Lots of mountainous terrain.


Courchevel (LFLJ) has a crazy approach because it’s in the alps. One side of the runway literally is on the edge of a cliff!

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Lukla and Aspen are quite tricky.


I will second what Henrik said. Jump in an A320 and traverse the mountain range!


Lukla (VNLK) Has the worst approach ever. There is a mountain in front of the runway about 1.5mi out, & sense the airport was dug out of a mountain so if you don’t stop in Time you hit a wall. Did I mention the runway is short.

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Just did a flight from EGKK-LPMA (Madeira) very tricky approach!!


I love when people use a southwest out of the USA and Mexico XD


Try 2NC0, Mountain Air in Burnsville NC, in real life is a VFR, daylight only private landing strip in the mountains.

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WMBT Runway 27 was very hard to land in previous version of IF, it’s classic :)))

Paro is just great! Lovely enroute and a nice view on the ramp.


The tricky part is not having terrain on the map. I was doing a flight into Mexico and hit a mountain. I was like “Since when is there a mountain in Mexico” I learned something that day…


I wouldn’t say Queenstown is too hard, you just gotta follow the river. Kai Tak would probs be the hardest.

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Yeah for sure, but if your approach is for RWY 05 then you have a bit of experience with it to master it.

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KJAC in Wyoming is tricky due to the high altitude and short runway

just tried it I was in a 738 and screwed up went one turn to far and had to hoover a mountain and land really hard and challenging winds since that airports like in a funnel almost.

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Just landed at Madeira runway 05 it’s a pretty tricky approach flew with TAP, Lisboa - Madeira.

@iLukas-Prague try this mate

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flying there right now. The exact same route apart landing the other direction.

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Tegucigalpa - it’s a tricky one.