Tribute to YNKY 72 (165000) KC130T Marine Corps

I am not sure if many of you know or not, but on July 10th, we lost 15 Marines and a Navy Corps Man. They were flying in a Marine Corps KC130T based out of Newburgh NY, from VMGR-452 Yankees. I personally knew each of the 8 flight crew and the ordinance Marine aboard, and they will never be forgotten! Our flight was also carrying Marines from the Raiders battalion in NC. IMG_7398
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I would like to propose a livery to the C130 H model in honor of the YNKY 72 flight. I am not exactly sure how I go about this, but I think this is the right place to start. Please comment or like as you feel.

Sorry for your loss. I like the request, but the only thing I would add is credits to each of the photos. Here’s a link to help you.



Please only use 1 photo per feature request.

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Thanks for the tips gents! And apreciate the Votes!


As the anaversry is only a few days away… hoping I could bring some attention to this feature request again!

Now that’s a nice feature request bud! Voted!

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We have this livery in Infinite Flight right? All that would need to be done is change the numbers around to match that livery

The NAVY livery is similliar yes. Just a few touch ups to the paint scheme.

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