Tribute to Thomas Cook

G’day all, so yesterday another airline bites the dust and left 600,000 holiday goers stranded all over the world. The company was first founded in 1841 that’s 178 years ago at time if this post If we have learnt anything it’s that going intercontinental and your low on money isn’t going to pay off. Thomas Cook was one of the first travel agency’s in the world.

image London Heathrow (EGLL) to London Heathrow (EGLL)

image Thomas Cook Airbus A321-200

image Sometime in the morning

image Solo

I would like to end this by saying,

”Yet another one bites the dust”

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Great Photo!

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Nice photo mate! Though the angle is a bit plain…


I currently work to do a tribute Movie ! Rip Thomas Cook always in our hearts


Goodbye Thomas Cook, it’s crazy such a long-lived company has gone. Thomas Cook will be in the Airline history books.

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Lovely angle!!! Great shot too!!

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Honestly, almost teared up there. I’m gonna miss you Thomas Cook! 💙😭

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600,000? It was 150,000.

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Sad to see it go

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Thanks everyone, the article I read said 600,000

Wonder what airline is gonna be going out in October? 😬

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Lovely tribute ❤️ Good bye Thomas Cook 😭

If it was me I would have done it London-Gatwick or Stansted because TCX never operates at Heathrow I don’t think

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I actually just checked my logbook and it says I departed Paris Charles De Gaulle

Stop putting this after every screenshot you take. You have no rights to this image - it’s technically not even yours.

Just go and share your screenshots (some of which are good!) and don’t worry about all this copyright nonsense. It’s not the place for it here :)


He can file for copyright © if he wants too. He is the one that took the photos.


Actually it seem infinite flight has now put there loading screen as a Thomas Cook A321 so maybe they are also tributing

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Most likely, I really like the new one.

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In school sometimes we watch cnn10 and they had a photo of a Thomas cook a321

Nice photo also

Thanks mate