Tribute to Sky King

My Tribute to Sky King

It has been one year since the crash of N449QX involving the Horizon Air employee Richard Russell. I can distinctly remember waking up to the terrible news that a Horizon Air Dash 8 had been stolen and crashed. That day was a tough day for the aviation community.

This is my tribute to Sky King:

Description of Photo: Taken in Solo during 7:30 p.m. With this shot I, I really did not want to edit it to the style that I did with other photos I have posted. I wanted to make it as simplistic as possible with only the sun and the Dash 8.

Enjoy the photos!


The photo is Property of I_F23. If you’d like to use these please contact me through P.M.

  • Photo edited on VSCO

Dang. It’s already been a year. That was a very sad event, I’m glad to see someone honor it.


Time just flys by now. No pun Intended actually


Yes it does indeed

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