Tribute to Pelé 1940 - 2022

I know I am Chilean but from Santiago I send a great tribute to the best soccer player Pelé.

Sorry if I broke some community rules but I had to do it :(

Server: Expert Server
Flight: Lan Chile 1940 - 2022 Heavy
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

Flight 1940, the birth of Pelé

Flight 2022, Your year of all the victory you’ve earned.

Mission Passed! Respect +
Rest in Peace Pelé.


Mission passed!

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We are all deeply saddened for pele! He was a legend! Rest in peace pele!😪🕊🕊


Now to Iceland for the Pope

When I found in internet that he dead I just fell bad, because I was his fan. Pele was a legend of soccer. Rest in peace Pele ❤️

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The pope it’s Germany not Icelandic

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Undoubtedly, the best player!!

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I was gutted:(

Ye true the best

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