Tribute for our older planes! @ KVCV - 271600ZAPR19

Server: Training

Airport: KVCV

Time: 2019-04-27T16:00:00Z2019-04-28T01:00:00Z

NOTAM: *This event is a fly in for all aircraft that are in the process of being retired. Victorville is a boneyard for retirees aircraft that have been broken down for parts and are too old to fly. Please join us in flying an aircraft into this massive boneyard! I highly suggest flying an older aircraft like the 767 or any aircraft that will be retired soon! This is a very unique event and I highly encourage you to join! Please leave your flight number and Takeoff airport in the comments below so I can mark you down for the fly in. Happy flying!
@BadPlane and @PlaneCrazy @GoldFly i know you wanted to join this so have fun!

Flights so far:
@AryaTheLivingMeme (Dc-10 from KLAX)
@DeltaA319Fan-TSATC (717 from KELP)
@samdog27 (A340)
@NathanD (757-200 From KPDX)
@Vidal99977 (747-200 From KLAS)
@BadPlane (767-300 From KDFW)
@Gibberish (767-300 From N/A)
@Jackson_Kaiman (Me) (a380 from KJFK)



I could join in an American 767. Idk if I can do it yet

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Delta 767 from KDFW

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what time do you plan to arrive?

I’ll have about a 2.5 hour flight, so I’ll arrive at a good time

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Want to sponsor this?

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what do you mean by sponsor?

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Plane and Pilot.

ohhhh. feel free to get some more people to join!

You should add some more details and such.

will do! thanks

ATC please

you want to run ATC?

Yes please

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there are still plenty of gates left for the fly in!

I’ll fly a Boeing 747-200 from KLAS @Jackson_Kaiman

Yes, some airlines still use the 747-200 like Kalitta

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Might want to fix this 😊


"Vineyard?* Lol

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boneyard… sorry guys

Would you suggest flying older commercial aircraft or would old warbirds work too?

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