Tribute Flight for Mr. Sutter

Hi, I know I do not post here much, and I am almost never on live. But I would live to see this community do a flight in a region in a 747 (any 747). I would not be able to attend as I can not afford live at the moment, but I would watch it on Live Flight like I suppose others would too. Mr. Sutter was a great man who was not only the father and master of the 747, but he opened a window to future aircraft too. He will be missed. I hope we can all make a time and place to do a Tribute flight for him here.


I can make an event. Would people like one?

Possible FNF in the Seattle region?

A formation flight in 747s low and slow over KPAE seems appropriate.

Sounds beautiful. Should we arrange it on the day of his funeral? Or is that not possible?

It will be on you guys, I’m very busy the next few weeks.

I see. Thanks for your help!

747s should all be in generic livery as a sign of respect.

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it should be on trainning or casual server so everyone can remember him

I have a great idea for a memorial flight.Should I plan it? How about tomorrow at 2000z?

@Mark_Denton would this be an FNF possibilty?

I find FNF to be kind of a celebration on Fridays, I would hate for this to be “celebrating” his death, I don’t want to turn something that should be a weekly happy thing to something that can cause someone to shed a tear. But, If they feel they should make it am FNF, so be it.

It is this weeks FNF: Friday Night Flight - Father Of The 747 Memorial Flight @ KSEA - 021730ZSEP16 - #13 by Michael

I see your point, but I for one support believing in celebrating his achievements, not his life or anything.

I will do some thing in the VA World Cup for sure.

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