Triangle trip on the American B738! KORD-KLAX trip report!

Hi guys! I hope you all are having a great day! If you saw my most recent trip report you probably know that I am flying the American B738 to 3 well known hubs for American Airlines! I hope you all enjoy!

Hi guys! Today I will be flying the second leg on the triangle trip on the American B738! I had a great flight and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

My airplane, American B738 my favorite!

My seat 2D


Chicago is a really huge city!

Crossing into Iowa, this will be a pretty uneventful flight until we reach the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

A stunning view of the Rocky Mountains!

A very cool view as we fly right over Ontario, California!


Thank you American Airlines for such a great flight today! I had a very relaxing flight today and I can’t wait to fly back to KDFW tommorow!

I hope you all have enjoyed and make sure to stay tuned for my 3rd and final leg back home to KDFW! Have a great night everyone!


Who is exited for tommorows trip report! Last leg KLAX-KDFW!

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Sorry guys but the KLAX-KDFW trip report will actually be coming out tommorow because I am too busy to fly tonight.

Thank you very much for the likes everyone!