Triangle trip on the American B738! KLAX-KDFW trip report!

Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your day! I am very sorry for this huge delay on the triangle trip, I have just been super busy lately and never had much time to do this flight, so I finally did it today so I knew I had to post this as soon as possible! This will be the last flight of the triangle trip on the American B738.

I hope you all enjoy!

Today I am heading back home to Dallas after these super fun flights on the American B738! This will be the last leg of these 3 flights and I had a great experience on this early morning flight and I used a lot of miles on this trip! So I won’t be flying on American for a while!

My airplane, the good old American B738!

My seat 6A

Waiting in line for departure with lots of traffic here at KLAX

Takeoff! Goodbye Los Angeles!

This is a stunning view of Los Angeles with the ocean and the mountains in the background as the sun continues to rise!

KSNA airport

Crossing into Texas already, this has been a pretty uneventful flight.

Landed safely!

Thanks so much American Airlines for this great trip on the B738, I had a great time and got to see a lot in these big cities! And thanks for this enjoyable and comfortable flight back home!

That’s all everyone and I am so sorry for not posting a trip report in a while and I am so sorry for the huge delay on the triangle trip. Anyways have a great rest of your night everyone!


You have to tell me how you can get such a far away camera shot while on the plane, need to use this next time I travel. JK nice pictures though!


Awesome photos!

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Thank you!


Can anyone guess what airline my next trip report will be on! Hint: It is a flight I did during a huge flyout not too long ago!