Triangle trip on the American B738! KDFW-KORD trip report!

Hi guys! I hope you all are having an amazing day! A lot of you probably know that one of my favorite airlines is American and one of my favorite aircraft is the B738, so I thought why don’t I get creative like I did with the 3 flights into Dallas but instead I will do 3 flights to 3 well known hubs for American Airlines!

I hope you all enjoy!

Hi guys! Today I am heading to Chicago mainly because I want to fly American Airlines more so I am doing this just for fun since I have a lot of miles, that’s really the only reason why I am heading to Chicago and Los Angeles!😅

My airplane, American B738, my favorite!

My seat 4A, first class!


KSGF airport!

Very beautiful sunset as we cross into Illinois!

KMDW airport (sorry if it’s hard to see)

Pretty nice view of of downtown Chicago at night!

Landed! (Probably one of my worst landings I have ever had! I didn’t have enough fuel to go around so I had to have a pretty rough landing because there was a huge crosswind! 😂)

Thank you American Airlines for such a nice and enjoyable flight up to the Windy City! I am thrilled to be riding on your first class tommorow to KLAX!

I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned for the KORD-KLAX trip report coming out tomorrow! Have a great rest of your night everybody!


KORD’s only a short hop east of me, at KMLI.

Wing wave as you pass by, the ORD->LAX routes pass a mile or two north of our house.

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That’s so cool!

I am glad you all like this trip report! Next one coming out today!

Great Trip Report! Dallas to Chicago is always a fun route! :)

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Thank you so much!

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Been on this flight many times to visit my brother in college

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That’s cool! I once did this flight on the American B788