Tri-region: Northern Italy, Southern Switzerland and Eastern Austria

And which city :-)

‘City-Italy’ [poll]

  • Vincenza - VIC
  • Milan (Malpensa or Linate) - MXP/LIN
  • Turin - TRN



Not relevant to the current topic.

Yes, good results so far for GVA!

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Polls are not relevant to the current topic, because it’s for an entire region, and not for independent countries. Please post them as separate topics in the forum.

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Here is the Link !

Good point

Maybe a merge of regions? :)

And I don´t think devices would be able to handle a merged region like the one you´re proposing.

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Very good proposal to have such airport
It’s a Pity that one of the best airport landing for the pilot is not considéred … I am Talking of the Nice (Nizza) airport (that is the airport next to Genova)

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Maybe for the next big region ;)

I would use this more often

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Yep, I’d love to have more regions in which to fly too.
Global flight was another topic in discussion, sadly performance on today’s IF platforms wouldn’t allow going global.

IS there a Frankfurt airport???

Frankfurt is not available.

I cant even do flights from London to Paris without saying I’m off course or something?

Flights are limited to the region boundary. If you go outside of it, your throttle level will lock into 0% and stall.

If you compare the region to others, it would still be OK to expand it into South Germany, maybe Stuttgart (EDDS/STR).


With your proposual you as well have Pula Airport (PUY / LDPL) in. A lot of airlines from the british area fly there during summer.


It would be great! You could include Zurich (ZRH/LSZH) and it would be perfect!