Treating training server as your playground

That was taken away in the training server and you do realise that

Oh…well IDK then lol I only fly on expert. Skip that part then and go straight for the ignoring.

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Because you only flyover expert you know how to behave because we all spent a lot of money to play this game I understand

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Yes. I take the simulator very seriously. It is an educational tool for me. Were I can apply what I know and have learned.

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It’s a game. Expert server exists for a reason. I have noticed you have made other venting posts about TS before… if you are that serious about ATC go to FAA atc school and be a controller (unless you already are). Also, avoid LAX if you get too irritated by trolls. Cheers.

who doesn’t love a good opposite direction takeoff or requesting pushback 27 times? 😂


Don’t forget speedbird 1362829 super heavy extra

😂😂but why give the controller a hard time unless is a test

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Whoever was 8675309 at LAX tonight… ur my hero 😂😂

I understand that it really sucks to control on TS1. I was there myself at one point. My solution for you is to join IFATC. If you consider yourself so knowledgeable in regards to controlling, then this is the route I would recommend taking. Pilots are so much more professional there than TS1. You can continue controlling on TS1, but I guarantee you that all the bad qualities of pilots there will remain.

TS1 unrealism, unprofessionalism and flat out disobedience will never change, ever.


Training server = game Expert not so much, but I gotta admit iv seen some funny youtube videos from trolls 😂😂😂

let’s just say if I’m in a bad mood, I go to lax on ts and i immediately start laughing

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I’m framing this. 😂😂😂

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Preach it, now and forever.

See this see this topic isn’t that bad nobody’s ranting and we can make a joke out of it and get a learning experience 🤣

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I only ever do expert or solo because that’s what meet my goals, if people want to just troll and be…different… Then that’s there’s but they would never, ever be able to take it on expert.

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Besides I’m too strict for i f a t c I would ghost for half the stuff that they talk about🤣🤣

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You as an ATC; “Oh you gotta go around? Ghost!”

On a different perspective, me, as a professional IF’er… will often get bad vectors or be told to takeoff with a plane on the runway by inexperienced controllers on TS… Which when I was a new guy…lead me to, in turn… occasionally take off my professional cap, and… I don’t know… takeoff from a taxiway 😂

Only if somebody’s on the runway that won’t move and I tell you to go around at least 4 miles from the runway and you don’t

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But that was when I was a new grade 2 and didnt know the game.