TRDubh's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Very good this time! You managed the pattern quite well.

Just a few minor things I observed.

Try to clear people earlier, crosswind preferably.

When you switched me back to 6L, you didn’t tell me after the option… etc.

Also, why did you tell @DDett to go around? He was quite far out on base,

Great job on my go around.

Keep up the great work :)


Hello, must be a pleasure to have two IFATCs attend your tracking thread :)

For me, most sequencing and clearances were good and you’re well on your way to becoming a proficient controller. Here are a few things to keep in mind (as well as what @PlaneGeek said):

  • I played the role of a “noob pilot” by requesting to change frequency after taxiing. Although there’s no harm in issuing the change, it’s actually already included in the taxi command "taxi to runway xx, contact tower when ready. Thus, the proper command is “You were already instructed to change frequency”, found in misc. messages.
  • Runway changes were good, although once you put me as number 2 even though I was number 1…?
  • When I reported full stop, there is no need to clear me to land again, as the “cleared for the option” already covers it.

On the whole, nice job, hope to see you in IFATC one day!

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Open @ OTBH

@Cpt_Jorge Approach isn’t needed thanks :)

@jcast86 Thanks for stopping by!

Cant make it I’m in flight school sorry @TRDubh

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Pro expired for me :(

@iiExTReME @LeonardIF18 All good.

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Closed @ OTBH

Here’s some feedback from my experiences :)

  • Clearances: after you changed my runway to 34L after I first took off (enter left downwind runway 34L), you didn’t tell me what traffic pattern to make after my first touch & go. You must tell the aircraft what traffic pattern to make after a pilot or atc initiated runway change, or going from right to left traffic and vice versa. Additionally, you cleared me to land after I announced a full stop and I was already cleared for the option. A ‘cleared for the option’ message includes: full stop landings, touch & goes, stop & goes and low overpasses. If I wasn’t already cleared, executing a landing clearance would be fine, however there’s no need to clear again after the full stop announcement - it was more a courtesy.
  • Sequencing was a bit off too. On my runway change, you didn’t sequence me, only a pattern entry. There was another aircraft on the base which you should have told me to follow. Just make sure you always sequence the aircraft when necessary. Watch/rewatch the sequencing video tutorial if you haven’t already :)

All in all, you did good though! Just work on these, practice more and watch/rewatch some of the tutorials if you haven’t already. Also, if you’ve taken an IFATC written test, I suggest you look into official training :)

Have a good day!

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Good job overall.

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Thanks for stopping by @James @jcast86 @lurker!

@lurker I’m part of the IFATC training pilots team and sent in a request and am still waiting for a trainer to contact me.

How do I join the training pilots?

Unfortunately they only take applications a few times a year. Be on the lookout for when the next one is as you can only apply within 24 hours of the original post.

Who is your recruiter? Did you take your written yet? They are busy, make sure you followed all of the instructions.

And see this:

Opening in 10 minutes @ PGUM

Now Open @ PGUM

Don’t forget to change the title to [CLOSED] if you’re no longer open