Trayvon Martin awarded degree in aviation.

If you didn’t know, Trayvon Martin was an African American teen that got shot and killed in 2012 by a neighborhood watchmen.
Florida Memorial University will award Trayvon a bachelor of science degree in aviation in honor of his love in planes. This is such an amazing thing by Florida Memorial that I thought you guys should know of. Please elaborate and let me know how you feel about this.


I was unaware they posthumously give these degrees, but it’s fascinating to say the least. Good on them for honoring him.


I have heard of universities giving posthumously degrees but never in aviation. Kudos to FMU!

A life may end.
But their dreams and ambitions live on.
The spirit one creates, never dies.
No one should ever be forgotten, good work for fulfilling someone’s dream FMU.


This is truly inspiring to read about. I didn’t know Trayvon loved planes either. I have his family in my prayers.


It’s always nice hearing about things like this. Bad things may happen but good things always come out of it. This family has had a few good things come from this tragic incident. Always in everyone’s prayers

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@Jose_Oscana Thank you for posting this. Florida, for being as divided as it is, schools in Florida have been on the forefront of bringing minority children from poverty stricken neighborhoods, and given them a chance to have an education and succeed in sports, business, law, and apparently avaiation now as well. Just awesome!

@Pradyut_Mandal Your response literally gave me the chills. What an amazing heart you have. I tip my hat to you ✌🏾


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