Traversing Thailand With All Nippon Virtual

🇹🇭 Bangkok to Phuket 🇹🇭

Good evening, everybody! Yesterday, five friends and I flew from Bangkok to Phuket as a part of ANVA’s new ANVLC - All Nippon Virtual Landing Competitions. The ATC region was India and Southeast Asia, so we gave it a spin! Our route took us from Suvarnabhumi Airport, over the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui, and Phang-nga before finally setting us down in Phuket via the visual approach for 09. This was truly an amazing event, and I’m glad I got to spend it with @Texan, @Raquis, @michel_avegnon, @Triskall777, and most importantly, @SB110 and @Liam_Kirk who were kind enough to provide ATC services in Bangkok and Phuket. We used a variety of aircraft for this flight, including 1 MD-11 (Me), 2 777s (@Texan and @Triskall777), 1 747 (@michel_avegnon), and 1 A330 (@Raquis). Thanks everybody who joined us along the way, and I hope you consider joining ANVA so we can enjoy more events like these.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Route: VTBS - VTSP
Aircraft: Thai MD-11
Flight time: 0:59

Lined up at the C concourse, loading up passengers along with @CPT_Colorado and @Captain_JR’s tropical Mango juice for their beach escape to Phuket. 🥭

Blasting off Suvarnabhumi Airport’s 19L after a dramatic turn and burn takeoff in front of @Texan. 🤙

Ascending into the morning sky while the rest of the gang lines up and prepares their departures.

Wing view appreciation! Climbing through 14000 above a very foggy Phetchaburi province.

I tried to get a moon shot here, but the Mrs. Moon kept running away. Speaking of which, happy International Women’s Appreciation day! I appreciate what women do to keep our world afloat on a daily basis, and I’m glad that we have been blessed with having many female aviators out there.

Descending through 25’000 over the Phang-nga area, world-renowned for their crystal clear waters and soft sands. 💎

Turning final (and overshooting the turn) onto the visual for runway 9, after @Liam_Kirk yelled at me for calling in incorrectly. 😌

@Kamryn approved? A very fast short final over the beach, coming in at just over 160 knots (I was told not to come in fast, but I had packed a very heavy load due to the tourist season flocking in during this time of year).

A smooth landing and slow taxi later, we’re parked at our gate with engines turned off and basking in the Thai sun.

What is the highest elevation point in Phuket, Thailand?
  • 4,921’
  • 1,017’
  • 2,083’
  • 1,736’

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Thanks for looking through these shots! I hope you enjoyed the photos and look into joining All Nippon Virtual to continue these awesome events.

IF-OPS Details


These are horrible, I hate it.

I’m kidding, these are absolutely amazing! Please, you need to post more often :)

Keep up the great work.


Thanks, Alec! Glad you liked them.



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Nice bro! how do you edit these so good
Also enjoyed flying this (not nosediving at all)

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Much practice. Now I just need to get this good in real life so @Altaria55 can get off me for thinking my photography took skill. 😌

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I did this flight on the Thai 747, but I crashed while landing because I was too slow and my tail hit that ledge before the runway.

Yeah, the ledge can get even the most skilled pilots nervous, it’s scary when the GPWS jumps from “200” to “40”.

Nice shots! I’m gonna have to try that approach…

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This is my favorite all McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (pax) very enjoy!!

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Thanks! Either end of the runway is beautiful, so winds don’t affect the experience.

I agree, the MD-11 flies like a charm. I had almost no experience with it before the flight, but was able to nail a -57 in front of all of my friends. Glad to see someone else out there who loves it!


Enjoyed the flight with those who were with us and those who provided ATC services!

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That turning final shot looks amazing. Great pictures man.

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Thank you! I really appreciate it.

Phenomenal pictures as always, my fellow penguin 😍🏝

This was a great event, and it was a pleasure to control VTBS for the departure and the arrival into VTSP alongside @Liam_Kirk on Approach.

Also, as this event’s main point was an internal ANVA Landing Competition (a new series, ANVLC as stated above), @Pingu of course won with a very slathery -57 fpm touchdown! 🏆🥇

Looking forward to the next ANVLC in Japan this Sunday! 👀


The pictures turned out magnificent, really love the retro vibe that DC-10 gives out! And not to say, very good editing, there’s a great balance in colors and contrast! 😍

@Suhas has gotten competition over the past year or so, and it’s tightening, now with Pingu as out latest cargo (mango and tropical fruit) transporter, I’ll have to look into possible contracts and future investments can put on Pingu Cargo, as shipment loads are on the rise the closer we near summer.


Thanks @SB110! It was a pleasure flying for you and I hope we can do more flights like this in the future. 🤞🏽

@Captain_JR thanks! South-Eastern Asia is definitely not seen enough, and when combined with an aircraft as pretty as the MD-11… 🤩


Of course, it’s the MD-11, not sure why I thought it was the DC-10, blaming my knowledge on the size of McDonnell Douglas aircraft’s 😅

But it’s true words you speak, the MD-11 is an amazing aircraft that even today shows its worth in the cargo sector of aviation.