TravelSky VA crash landing at Los Angeles

##A TravelSky A321 has crashed at Los Angeles Airport

It just happened now.

TravelSky have to announce that an Airbus A321 piloted by grxninesix have made a crash landing, few meters before the runway 25L at KLAX PG.

The flight was recorded then the Galaxy S5 has a big lag. This is maybe the reason of the crash.

The plane has 206 passengers and was loaded to 51%.

The crash was caused by stalling at 125kts but as the pilot tries to recover by full power and climb up, the plane have started to fall.

All passengers are ok because IF planes are never destroyed in crashs. Proof :


This makes our VA look very professional.


i thought one of your planes flew into the side of a monutain?


I thought this was actually real life breaking news out of LAX airport. And then I saw the pics and realized it’s just infinte flight


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All airlines are professional.
But this is why i hate playing IF on Samsung devices

You have to considerate that we are professional by having transparence and never lie about an event.
We are not afraid to show our errors but we still professional.

Remember we are only one of 26467865465 planes that are crashing in Playground :)

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You must Check the category where the topic are categorized

Please do not scare me like that. I thought this was real…


Also TravelSky isn’t a real airline. You have unknow reason to be scared :)

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i dont think that many people play if

Hmm @grxninesix. I’ll leave you alone due to all the fore coming lawsuits in your way lol


When do the IFAA begun investigons?

I don’t even think 26 billion planes, (not users, PLANES) have spawned into all three servers combined since IF Live came out. However the only people who could answer how many spawns there have been are the developers.

It was an example to say a lot

I completely understand that.

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HaHa. Asiana virtual is now even safer than TravelSky. Or is it just that we have no pilots?

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Oh wow. @anon45516261 Qantas Virtual for the win. 😉

Got a video so that the IFAIB can investigate?

One of our 777-200ERs went down because of an autopilot failure (plane kept descending past desired altitude. Everyone was OK though :)