TravelSky VA 15 pilots event! DDHH00ZFEB16

Server: ATC Playground

Region: SoCal

Airport: KLAX

Time: TBA

NOTAM: Event for all TravelSky pilots. We are 15 good pilots from the Community!

A big SoCal tour is planned, but the date and hour will be announced in the next days, we have to talk about availability of each pilot.

Our TravelSky callsign will be TSK1 for pilot1, TSK2 for pilot 2, all pilots want to join our airline can be this in our website, all people want fly with us and aren’t in our airline have to use her normal callsign. IFES pilots welcomed! we want a good screenshoots for our website and we will credit all of you!

More info will be come :) Stay tuned!


Why do we need IFES pilots?

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You all know about how with the update all events need to be formatted properly, so until the numbers have been plugged in, please keep this in “Live,” thanks:)

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welcomed if he want escort us, for taking screenshoots :)

Hello, if you want IFES members to show up please fill out a flight request at

Thank you ;) We would be happy to fly with you!

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I hope I can make this.

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