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I’d like to announce TravelSky’s new social media! We will now have frequent posts on our Instagram, travelskyairlines. Also, subscribe to us on YouTube, our channel is TravelSky Airlines. This is also the time I announce another new TravelSky thing, TravelSky Weekly. It’s a series of videos posted on just about every Friday! It will contain weekly TravelSky news! Check out our first episode, it airs on Friday May 27, 2016! Go follow and subscribe!


Would have maybe not been necessary to announce in a seperate thread, but I’m still anxiously and curiously looking forward :)


I seen part of the Travelsky advertising done on IFN by Harrison.

Also AEJ welcome Travelsky to Instagram.


Muwahaha! My evil ads😈

TravelSky had already Instagram
But entered wrong e-mail, account locked. Have to made a new one

Attention TravelSky Pilots!
Please fill out this form for a special mention in TravelSky Weekly! Your only way to be mentioned is to get the winning photo!

“Never submit passwords through Google Forms.”

Hmm… Hahaha I get what you mean though so I hope you get my joke too xD

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New content has hit our YouTube Channel!
Check our latest video!

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How do i join…

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done… so… ill wait for 1 -14 days now …

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What is too complicated?

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Heyho Pilots and Virtual Airline enthusiasts!
We have just released a new video on our YouTube channel!

Enjoy the new video content, drop a like and subscribe to stay updated for new stuff if you haven’t yet!

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