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Heyho Pilots,
Been a while since the last big TravelSky announcement, however, today, September 17th, 2016 marks a big date for the TravelSky Airlines Group history.

In view of Global Flight, which is about to hit Infinite Flight sooner or later, we at the TravelSky leadership have decided to make a lot of changes which should get us realistically prepared for this update.
As we expect a decrease of interest in short regional routes with the release of Global Flight and the overall rather marginal interest in our subsidary QuickJet we decided to shut down all operations of our regional subsidary today, forever.

If you want to say goodbye to QuickJet, take part in today’s farewell event by our event manager @aviationluver. More information in the thread below.





Talking about TravelSky’s future plans, I’ll take this opportunity to mention a brand-new TravelSky Update which is currently in development and should be finished by early October.

This update will mostly focus on realism and overhauling of older things.
Without further a do, here is a short list of a few, not all things that we would like to implement very soon.

  • Entire removal of the “non-passenger” airports from our route catalog (KNUC, KNFG, KPAE, KTCM, KOBK, KPUB).

  • Ceasment of all QuickJet and TravelSky Regional operations

  • Addition of new airports to some regions

  • Fleet shrink

  • Overhauled route maps on website

  • Overhauled fleet section on website

  • New Pilot rank, airline-internal career system (This is not 100% decided yet, we will ask our pilots for their opinions before we start working on it)

Besides these points we have some other great stuff in the works, that will still last for a while, but is going to be absolutely insane, not exaggerating.
Of course, we are also continuing working on Global routes.

So much for now,
hope to hear your feedback and see you participating in today’s event!

BavariaAVIATION, TravelSky Leadership


Sorry, what?

Since you didn’t mention ------------- I guess I shouldn’t leave a preview [link] (


This actually looks like a really decent airline…TravelSky has my support! Also NOOOOO QuickJet was one of my favs 😭😭

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