TravelSky Photo Submissions

First things first, sorry for making another post about TravelSky (I know we are supposed to limit them, this kinda was nessecery), and my Google Form didn’t work. Secondly, if you aren’t apart of TravelSky Airlines, ignore this. But if you are, continue reading.

TravelSky members, we are having photo of the week contests now! See rules below. That is what this topic is for. Submit your photos on here to avoid clogging up room on our main thread. The photo of the week comes out every Friday, and starts today! Photo of the Week (PTW) will be announced in the TravelSky Weekly video! The rules are:
• must be a TSK member to submit
• unedited photos only
• must be taken during a TravelSky flight (includes TravelSky Europe and QuickJet
• photo must be submitted on this thread! No Exceptions!


Come on guys! Submissions! @Aviationluver, I know you might want to!

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For some reason I couldn’t just quote you
If you aren’t apart of Travelsky Airlines
If you aren’t a part of Travelsky Airlines
The second one is correct.



Here are my submissions. Don’t worry I have more for future competitions ;)


Well, about time to publish the video! Can anyone guess who the winner might be?

The photo is in it!


YAY I won photo of the week hahaha😂

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Any photos?

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