TravelSky first 1st-pilot joining flight

i’m happy to say my VA have made is first joined-pilot @The_simulation_nerd flight from KLAX to kPSP!!! screenshoots posted after we made the return flight, pushback in 5 minutes…

maybe sometime, anothers pilots want joining TravelSky Airlines?


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Nice to see that you made this. We may as well make it open to anyone else who wants to join the flight.

sorry, your stats are just a little cropped :( @The_simulation_nerd

Its okay. We should probably change the title of this

i leave you say that on DM

We just parked at the gate at KLAX. Here are my screenshots:

mine is coming few minutes

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Okay, little story :

Here you can watch some of my best screenshots of this flight…

I have made similar pictures than @The_simulation_nerd, why i dont post them.

Parked at KLAX just before pushback… probably within he set the flightpath.

Proceed pushback @ KLAX

Cruising to KPSP:

… and cruising…

… and cruising… again

One pic posted in another topic, show us (i’m sorry , TSN’s stats are little cropped :(

We come inside KPSP airspace from the southwest.

@the_simulation_nerd landing on 31L @ KPSP

Big zoom of @the_simulation_nerd’s landing.

For the return flight :

Sorry, no pictures from departure, i was too focused to follow @The_simulation_nerd, i have wanted to make a left turn for joining flightpath, but we have join it from the left of KPSP moutains.


i’m just started to descend too long after i wait atc clearence for change altitude, i have to made a right 360 for descending altitude approach… Within this, @the_simulation_nerd continue approach and was cleared for RWY24L, like we have planned…

He’s taxiing to parking, i’m landed right now.

and parked at KLAX just before we leave… he’s going to KLAX Ground why there was no a ATC for control GND…

The last screenshoot… Thank you bro! I like it!

Thanks very much to @the_simulation_nerd for this first flight togheter, i hope anothers pilots joining my airline for made all the others TS routes, with or without another pilots…

check the website for learn more :

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youps i have forget 2 letters :)

now that’s good