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TravelSky Airlines - the best way to fly :

Guys we have now an forum made by @B767fan, a great website made by @BavariaAVIATION.
Our first pilot (after the CEO) is : @The_simulation_nerd
The last pilot to join is : @B767fan (15mar2016)

Hi guys, welcome to TravelSky Airlines!

There’s a introduction by our pilot @BavariaAVIATION :

TravelSky Airlines (or short: TravelSky) is a Virtual Airline on InfiniteFlight, founded by grxninesix in 2014, which makes TravelSky to one of the first airlines on the app.TravelSky aircrafts always use the generic (white) livery of the aircrafts in our fleet (see more on Fleet & Routes category on our website).The airline has its own route catalog (a list of routes TravelSky flies), which already includes over 50 routes in 5 different regions and operates over 20 airports in the game so far.What is a Virtual airline?

A virtual airline is a group of InfiniteFlight pilots flying for a airline, just like in real life. Events as well as many other activities bring diversity into the InfiniteFlight live or live+ experience.What makes TravelSky unique?

TravelSky is the first Virtual Airline that has an own route list. Real-life airlines also have their certain flight numbers and airports they operate. You of course now think: I can make any flights I want without joining the airline, the main point is to bring VAs further to reality, because InfiniteFlight is not just the common flight simulator you have on your phone and use once in a while.

The airline already operates 20+ Airports of all classes, connecting them with more than 50 flight routes in 5 regions, but also thinks of expanding to other regions! You will recognize us in the app with the callsign TSKxx.

You can find our routes in your website.

If you are a pilot for TravelSky you can note your flights in the pilot portal. To use the portal a password you recieve when you’re accepted into the airline is needed. The file will ask for the route(s) and the spent time. With this information we give you a certain amount of pilot points (PP). As soon as you’ve collected enough PP you will level-up in your individual TravelSky Pilot rank (Newbie -> Trainee -> Experienced Pilot -> Pilot III -> Pilot II -> Pilot I -> third officer -> second officer -> first officer).
Filling out the form will last less than 2 minutes!

How can I join the airline?
Joining the completely overworked airline is easier than ever before:Fill out the form below to directly apply for a membership in the airline:

Things we expect / demand from you:

  • A valid live or live+ subscription (Solo flights are not allowed)
  • Knowledge in aviation and InfiniteFlight itself (basic things)
  • Ability using ATC instructions and knowledge in pattern flying
  • A certain amount of professionality
    (we just don’t want pilots literally making airshows over active airports and impeding air traffic ;) )
  • At least 10.000 XP & 15 hours of flight time. (can be discussed)
  • Experience on ATC Playground (and Advanced, is a advantage)

and - most importantly - enthusiam and a good mood :)

Find out about the TravelSky team, consisting of @grxninesix @The_simulation_nerd and @BavariaAVIATION

and the airline itself on our completely overworked airline website:http://travelskyif.weebly.comA few things left to say:

We are very open for any kind of improvement proposuals as long as the criticism is constructive. We are still a developing airline ;)

If you are not a fan of Virtual Airlines just ignore the post. We are spending a lot of time, dedication and effort for the airline, so we frankly don’t want you to tell us that Virtual Airlines are superflous and we are wasting our time. It’s everybody’s own thing I think ;)

If you have any further questions, ask us in the comment section below, we are happy to help!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and eventually joining the airline! TravelSky will definitely evolve, but organizing such a huge project demands a lot of effort and dedication. We are not perfect yet, but we’ll work on TravelSky until it fully matches our original representation. We are very happy if we can win people with the same hobbys like us for this project and to collect a lot of experience. Thanks for accompaning this path with us!

Numbers of pilots : 24 pilots (if you want be a pilot of TravelSky, follow this link)



The website have a new look!

Info: all pictures of this website are my owns.


These VA’s are popping up all over!

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I wont use another liveries.

(post to remove @moderators)


i thought VA’s were only allowed to advertise once

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The old topics were meant to be closed

We are WHAT? we are STEALING the white livery?
xD what. the. heck.
This livery is provided by the developers for everybody to use it. If I take a generic aircraft and fly with it in live, am I stealing it as well? You are a group using this livery to represent your VA and we are a group using this livery to represent our VA.
What’s the problem about it?
I highly doubt all rights of this livery are reserved for your airline and we are not allowed to use it.
Think about it.


Hi! Thank you for your message … lesson …
White aircraft are aircraft used by everyone, no matter the purpose … Your idea of ​​creating a virtual airline is very beautiful! But I think you are not quite originals to take ownership of generic airplanes , especially as classic as those there …

Second, I created my virtual airline and flew on Live from the beginning (nov. 2014 for me), before the creation of your airline . So, as I mentioned earlier, we use white aircraft because we do not have the ability to customize our livery in this game… devs are working into it…

Thank you to understand that we do not violate the ideas of your company , it seems a bit much to take ownership of an aircraft color used by many people , just for a virtual company.

That’s what I have to say about it … I do not see what action you may have against us … We have an original name … us.

sorry for Google translate, french speaking guy


but @MishaCamp, @BavariaAVIATION have said to me you’re discuss with them… but this is the bad topic are closed :)

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Not yet, I wanted to make that tomorrow, no stress, no fast-fast, simple life ;D
But I just want to finally clarify that:
Closing 1 good topic makes less sense than closing 2 bad topics, because you understandably don’t want spam on IF community :)
That’s everything ;)
I’m open for any kind of compromis, I just don’t want all the effort to be for nothing :)
Thanks for your understanding!

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yeah. don’t stress…

Just a quick reminder for “White Wings” :
Generic plane is free for all people want fly with them!
You can’t steal any livery in IF. We stay honest.

Thank you… from TravelSky Airlines, @grxninesix, @The_simulation_nerd & @BavariaAVIATION

Final post…

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A friendly tip :)

On your website, we can read:


You start with " He " but the paragraph ends with " I ". You can make this look more professional, I am sure you can! Correct some English mistakes (ask a British, American, Australian or Indian member on this forum to help you!).

On your new website you have used the word " Certains ". Certains is of course french. It would mean " Some " in English!
Your sentence should start with:
Some pilots…etc. not Certains pilots!

I would advice you to not use Google Traduction. The Website is very important for a VA, it should look welcoming, intresting but also professional.

This is of course a friendly tip, I don’t have the strength and the force to make a VA so what you are doing is very good!
I am letting my very nice friends make Air France-KLM VA haha :)


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Désolé je suis nul en anglais !=D

I’m sorry, i’m so nooooob in english ^^

@BavariaAVIATION please change if i dont change before you

tagged @swang007 for he can look into this guy (bms7fly)

Exactly ^^ any argument over VA ownership may result in suspension from the Community.


i think the others TravelSky threads can be closed for avoid duplicating VA thread. @Swang007, thank you for your work

Welcome to @Cayler, our new pilot!

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