TravelSky Airlines - New leadership!

Hello everyone,
It’s been 13 months since the birth of TravelSky and today marks a big day and a large change in TravelSky.

After several weeks of discussion with our Staff, I have decided to leave the CEO position to @BavariaAVIATION for several reasons;

Almost one year ago, Simon started to improve TravelSky by completely remaking the website and has done lots of awesome work for the airline, since.

Since July 2016 I haven’t had enough time to do everything I have to do as CEO, but I wanted to keep the role for several reasons.

At the end of September, the staff department decided to discuss about a possible CEO change, a poll clearly showed every staff member voted for Simon taking over the CEO position.

This is why, today, October 31, 2016, I will leave the CEO position to Simon (@BavariaAVIATION).

I will continue to occupy several assignments in TravelSky Airlines such as Social Media director and Test Flight director.

I hope TravelSky will continue to be one of the most professional airlines with a new CEO at the top. I wish the best for Simon and thank him for everything he did and still does for TravelSky.

Gregg, TravelSky Airlines
Social Media Manager, Test flight operation chief, Founder, Former CEO


Very honored about being given the head position for such an amazing organization.
I will try to manage everything to the pilot’s favour as good as possible and make this airline a lot better than ever before.
Off for another great and successfull year!

CEO TravelSky Airlines


Good luck from Redwings to @BavariaAVIATION! Hope all continous going on well. :)


Congrats Simon!

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Will all new directives begin with “Simon says”?



Simon told me the idea and all the TSK staff discuss about it after… You guys looks like surprised to entire community, don’t forget you have a big influence on that decision.

I’m surprised about it too.

I hope so! Will they @BavariaAVIATION?

As by far the most active and likeable TravelSky member, I will say that @grxninesix is still an interpgral part of the staff team, and his contributions to the airline will most certainly not be forgotten. Business as usual- me and Simon on routes, Aviation still piping through the Airbus propaganda, and Harrison doing… something.

Hahaha good one

Remind me what I do, again?


also, hi

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That’d be doing applications and correcting Gregg’s grammar mistakes on Instagram and deleting posts that don’t make sense.

Why am I the TravelSky punching bag?

Well, because…uh…

Good luck from Flight Dev. Studio VA Simon

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Big Bear wishes the best of luck to Simon on his new role at one of the most important Virtual Airlines on Infinite Flight history.

Congrats TravelSky!


Because you’re the youngest 👻
But that’s a topic for the staff PM.

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Keep being successful!


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