So recently I ventured across the globe over to Kuala Lumpur, Malysia; whilst stopping off at Dubai! My journey consisted of the Airbus A380 from Heathrow to Dubai international (Which I must add was pleasantly smooth and incredibly ip entertaining given the on plane cameras) and 8 hours later touched down in Dubai. Wow, what an airport! Then quick bite, quick shop and straight onto the Boeing 777-300er (All Emirates by the way). Another enjoyable flight! Not as smooth but none the less: entertaining. Finally we landed at KL! One month later headed back, same route, same planes, and certainly the same enjoyment! Although a little detour was very beneficial! Managed to get myself into the cockpit of the both the 777 and the a380! Very small actually. Had a big long chat with the captain, I wanted to speak to him and the first officer about the processes he undertook to get funding and training to fly with Emirates (I’m an aspiring pilot and hoping to take my private licence soonish). Anyway, we spoke abou t simulators for a few hours whilst parked at Heathrow parking bay 13b! But, I thought I’d share the photos! Awsome flight, and obviously I flew roughly the same route in the matching aircraft, spilling my neediness to the guy next to me.

Anyway, sorry for the massive amount of writing

Peace out ✌️


You got to fly on an a380! Lucky

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Being in the cockpit at 38,000Ft was even better! ;)

OMG so jealous

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They were surprisingly inviting! I think being a younger innocent looking male helps heh heh

Thats awesome buddy!

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Thanks Edd! :)

Moved to spotting.

Nice photos-Still waiting for my A380 flight :)

I have no clue when and where it will be. I got my fingers crossed on finally landing myself a flight-Likely to CDG or FRA.

I’m in Kuala Lumpur right now, with work. I was similar to you, but it was NCL-DXB in the first leg for me. I hope you had a good holiday.

Pretty sure you’re never allowed in the cockpit during the flight

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I’ve been on the Emirates A380 and 777’s multiple times and you are never allowed in the cockpit during the flight I’m just saying. They occasionally allow it on the ground but not always

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Yes - it’s an awesome experience. I have had the chance to go inside the cockpit several times (Once, I knew the pilot so it was very easy. My age helps me too: I am 14 so they have not refused me yet haha xD).

I just flew Lufthansa’s A380 two days ago. It’s a great experience.





Awsome pictures!

NO NO NO NO! I wasn’t allowed in the cockpit during the flight! I don’t believe anyone is post 911. Like I said I was only allowed in whilst parked up at Heathrow and dubai! When I said about being in the cockpit at 38,000ft was me flying on infinite flight on the same flight hehe. I wish I was allowed during flight but they are sadly very strict about that sort of thing, sad really.

Oh! I was accepted during flight…and a bit more (sorry, I won’t tell much about it as the captain requested me. Sorry, won’t tell the airline.)

Depends on the captain! ;)

That makes more sense ;-)

That is really cool! When I was young I was once allowed to be in the cockpit while the flight! It’s really awesome. Sadly pilots are very strict about it and I haven’t had the chance since a long time. It really depends if tje pilots are nice enough!

That’s fantastic Nick, certainly an experience! Was good to engage with the crew, some good advice for an aspiring pilot.


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