Travelling to Ohio on Southwest Airlines

Hello everyone! I just landed in Baltimore from Manchester. It was an uneventful flight, aside from the minor turbulence on Landing. Even though I love planes and aviation, I always tend to think about the worst, so I can prepare myself in such a situation.

Overview of the Trip
I woke up after only sleeping like, barely 4 1/2 hours because I have a hard time sleeping. Everything was prepared, I packed my Laptop and all the essentials with me. I woke up my brother and I then gave my Mom a good hug goodbye, I told her I’ll be fine and I know the airplane I am flying in well, as she tends to worry.

I Arrived at the airport at roughly 4:11am, and I asked to get a Boarding Upgrade, as I checked in around 10am on Wednesday before the flight and was in the C-13 group, which is not what I wanted. I was surprised to know it was available, and Surprisingly only paid $30 (I Thought It was going to cost more). I told my brother goodbye and we parted ways. I am now travelling alone.

I Decided to take some pictures before the flight

An American Eagle E175 at the gate

An American Eagle CRJ900 going to Charlotte, NC.

I then proceeded to my Gate, which was Gate 11

My ride for the first leg of the trip, N959WN, a Boeing 737-700 with Split Scimitar winglets

Southwest is the largest Carrier at MHT. Here’s my plane alongside another 737 at Gate 12

I then waited and boarding started at roughly 5am

Since I paid and Got an A-9 boarding position, I lucked out and got a window seat, which unfortunately was misaligned, and made taking photos and videos hard.

Now taxiing to Runway 35, Most gates occupied.

Takeoff! With the city in the background blurred.

For most of the flight, I took video.

The sun is coming up

The flight went smoothly, until we started descent, and that’s when it got bumpy. We were nearing the airport and I could see other traffic in the air. As we approached the runway, I was thinking that we were going to have a rough landing.

And so, we had a rough landing. I think we bounced when we landed, but it was awesome! The Thrust Reversers came on and then we taxied off to the Terminal.

We parked at Gate B9 next to this Boeing 737-800. Unknown where it was going.

Everything went very well, we did have an awesome crew on board. Due to the Turbulence though, Cabin service was suspended, which meant half of the passengers didn’t receive their food or drinks (And they deeply apologize about it ). All in all it was an awesome flight.
I brought Water on board, because being hydrated is important.

Spotting at BWI
As you may have known, I am now in Baltimore. I have many photos to share!

our plane at the Gate being serviced after arriving

It started to turn Day Time, and the airport was busy as usual

Southwest everywhere!

A Southwest 737-800 after pushing back

An American Airlines Boeing 737-800. They have some of the gates at Concourse C

American Airlines Airbus A319 (N722US) at Gate C1

Another American 737-800 that’s being pulled into the gate, headed to O’hare.

United Airlines Airbus A320 at the E Concourse.

A Southwest 737 sits at the Gate while a DHL Boeing 752F Taxi’s in the background

DHL 757-200F

Many Southwest 737’s at the B concourse. Can you guess the plane we were in?

Face to face with this Southwest 737-800 that just pushed back from the gate

I then walked to Concourse A, thinking that my next flight was out of Gate A9. I WAS WRONG

Spoiler Alert: It was Gate A3. The flight didn’t depart until 10:55am

Southwest lineup at Concourse A

An Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 in the current Livery with Scimitar winglets. First time seeing Alaska Airlines :)

Thats all the photos I have. I will leave this topic As Is until I depart to Cleveland, OH.

If you wish to track my flight to Ohio, the flight is SW600

See you all in Cleveland Ohio!

Coming soon!


Shame you got the old livery. Not many have splits, Southwest announced their new livery right when it became an option.


Went spotting there last weekend. It’s an awesome place to spot.


I will soon be boarding to my flight to Cleveland! Here’s a photo of my ride

It sucks I get to fly in the older livery, wanted to fly in the newer heart one livery. Oh well.

Boarding commences around 10:22am. More pictures when I land at Cleveland!


Thanks for sharing! I love southwest. Comfortable, convenient, cheap, and fun!

Scored another window seat! Final post, see you all when I land in Cleveland!


Great photos and a nice review. I feel you on the sleep part usually the day I go on a flight I can’t sleep due to how excited I am

I have made it to Cleveland! I’ll update the topic in just a bit


That sunrise pic is pretty amazing

I hope you had a great flight into Cle. I love the airport.

obviously i’m from Cleveland ; )


I know this is a wield question, but how old are you? Lol anyways great report, loved every word of it!

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On behalf of all Ohioans:

Welcome to Ohio!


I’m with my Cousins right now, and I’m going to be spending some time with them today. I’ll update this Thread soon though :)

Also, @AllegiantAir, I’m 19 years old, not a weird question, and yes, layovers are awesome, although, I tried to picture some 737-MAX8, but I missed all of them.


Oh ok, thx for saying, glad you had fun and yes layovers are definitely awesome! (Except for the times you have to run to the other gate because your first flight was late and your 2nd flight is about to pushback in 5 minutes)


Amazing spotting place, Southwest colors truly are nice. Good luck on your trip to Cleveland!

Great shots, thank you for sharing it with us! Quick question, if you set the camera right on the window, would there still be glare?

Ummm. It depends, not sure.

Wow! 2 old liveries with split scimitars been a row, nice! As @Kevin_Potthast said, those are pretty rare. I personally like the scimitars more on the old livery, as the bottom is colored in blue.

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Nice pictures! Hope you enjoyed your flights!

See you around,


Hey everyone! I’m currently in Cleveland, with my Cousins. I will update the Thread tomorrow, since it’s been a long day for me. I have to say, I am very impressed by Southwest, and will fly them again in a future flight. I loved their service, and their airplanes are clean.

I will do another report when I fly back to Manchester next Tuesday. Have a good night!