Travelling Tips and Questions from the IFC

I feel like this is a helpful topic as I know I can not be the only one who sometimes looks at a new airport I am transiting through and wondering if I have given myself enough time and stuff like that. So I set up this topic for members of the IFC to ask each other questions or drop some tips for others when travelling. This could be increasingly helpful as for someone like me who has only been to the US once and would have no idea what to do with all the TSA checks and stuff. I do not know if this is the right topic but since it involves Real World Aviation I assume here is right.

I will start off. I am flying through Heathrow on Friday for a connection and I have to leave the terminal, collect my baggage and check back in since Qatar Airways told me that they will be unable to check my bags through to my final destination as they have no links with TAP Portugal. I have 7 hours for this transfer and I was wondering if there was any restaurants or pubs I could sit in and do some airport editing in while I wait. Unfortunately going into London is out of the question as I have a huge suitcase with me. I know Heathrow but only airside as I transfer through there a lot to see family up north. I know of one place in Terminal 2 called the Queen’s Arms which gives a view of the runway while you eat, but I was curious if there was better places. Thanks for your advice!


Very cool topic.


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