Traveling with 50 kids to Washington DC

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Monday I am going to be traveling with my 8th grade class to Washington DC. We are flying on southwest. WN1290 DEN-IAD. I was wondering if any of you guys have flown with a big group. There are around 50 students and 10 chaperones so there are about 60 of us.
So what was your experience like any tips?


Traveled with many groups of this size in high school. The only difference is that you’re traveling with more people and not yourself.

Tips? Stick together, don’t screw around when you’re not supposed to, and follow the chaperones’s commands.


I feel bad for the chaperones 🤭


I’ll be holding a sign waiting for y’all, what are you coming here to see?

As a former camp counselor/chaperone, I can definitely say that it’s a rough time. 😂


Need to get @anon66442947 to chaperone


I feel bad for the other passengers that will need to deal with the incredible noise caused by all those kids😂😂


As a business traveler, please be respectful and keep the noise down on the flight. Whenever I see groups like this on a flight of mine I hope for the best, but honestly expect the worst…when my lowered expectations are overwhelmingly surpassed, I usually let an adult with the group know the good behavior of the kids was appreciated.


I’ve done this on numerous occasions. As others have said, be respectful and courteous of others around you. I would also recommend sitting in the way back so your group can all be together, and cause less distraction. Many will appreciate.


Do you have IFE onboard?

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Nope we aren’t allowed to have are phones or any electronics and we’re on Southwest

Lucky. Wish I had a class like yours…

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We were traveling to an NSPA (nat’l scholastic press assoc) event in San Francisco. We boarded on an AA flight outbound from Dallas, 3 chaps and 30-35 kids. Of course nobody got seats next to their friends, so we boarded the flight and then started switching seats without comparing tickets and double checking. We had some guys taking other passengers’ seats and causing chaos. Long story short, we had a 60 minute delay at Dallas, which delayed another flight coming in, and it was caused by our group. Lesson: Switch tickets/seats b4 you board your flight, not after, and make sure to double check your seats. (BTW approx 20 people out of the 30-35 people had never been on a flight in their life)


Wow, your school system is very lucky. For people in High School, they take trips all the way to Los Angeles, and they have to take it by a charter bus.

None of our field trips have been done by a plane, you’re very lucky. ;)


Yeah I know where the only school in my district that is allowed to go on a trip like this

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sharing a similar experience, I also flew with friends in my class when I was in 4th grade of elementary school, but that was only partially more …

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When my world class youth symphony went on tour to Austria over New Years there were over 100 of us. My advice, be good and don’t screw around, our director was very stressed. Btw, if anyone’s interested check us out at


Whattttt no fair my 8th grade class is not as fun day hi to trump for me😉

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One word…


But no really, just plug some headphones in and try to ignore the Non-Aviation stuff about Oooo Look, we’re flying


Just don’t sing in unison, anywhere. No exception for choral groups 😄

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