Traveling to Guatemala

I will be traveling to Guatemala for one week in April (Apr 16-23) I am taking a flight from KBOS to KMIA, then from KMIA to MGGT. When I leave, I’m going from MGGT to KDFW, then KDFW to KBOS all using American Airlines

Flight numbers will be released once I get a hold of them in case you want to track me :)


Cool! I’m traveling to Orlando!

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When are you going to Orlando @PlanesForLife?

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I said the dates. Next time, please don’t use ‘filler’ :)

I was asking @PlanesForLife.

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Well you can’t put filler or else you’ll get flagged

I wish I could go there, sadly, I’ve never visited the country before, but be sure to visit Antigua! By the way, what plane do you think you will take to fly there? I imagine an A319/20 or 737-800. Make sure to share with us your experience!

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All flights will be on a 737-800

Sounds like fun!

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I went once to Guatemala. Don´t go out at night.

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Don’t worry I won’t be. I’ll be in a hotel

I stayed in a hotel too, for a medical convention with my mother. We where escorted to a McDonald´s by a security guard using a machinegun. The McDonald´s was across the street.

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Thar must’ve been fun! (in a way)

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Here’s the flight info for you guys (if you want to track me)
April 16 (leaving)

  • American 1509 (BOS-MIA)
  • American 2432 (MIA-GUA)
    April 23 (arriving)
  • American 2298 (GUA-DFW)
  • American 2407 (DFW-BOS)

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