Traveling to Berlin With A Crazy Barking Dog | Onboard Lufthansa's A319 & CRJ

Hi everyone!

As some of you might remember, I recently went to Berlin to test their new airport and do some additional sightseeing. What I didn’t cover so far - since it wasn’t ready to share - was the way I got there. With the new airport still closed, I took a last pair of flights from/to Berlin Tegel Airport on board of a Lufthansa A319 and one of their Cityline CRJ900s.

The flight to Berlin was quite comfortable with the A319 not even close to being full and with free wifi available throughout the trip. The only thing that was quite concerning for people with a fear of flying, yet entertaining for avgeeks was a PTU - aka “The barking dog” - that went completely crazy from startup until the gear was retracted. But have a look…ehm…listen yourself:

After a nice and, considering the animal noises from the beginning of the trip, quiet flight, we approached Berlin Tegel with a nice view over the new airport and downtown Berlin. Funilly, our dog woke up again upon arrival and provided some more taxi entertainment on the way to the gate:

If you wonder where these sounds come from since you never heard of the PTU before, Wikipedia provides some more information on the PTUs purpose: or you can check out the explanation provided by Captain Joe:

As a little bonus, here’s also a video from the takeoff out of Berlin on board the CRJ. To sum up that flight: I was happy when it was over since the seats are narrow, the cabin is tiny, the flight was full and, due to the tiny seats, the legroom was limited as well, which isn’t the best setting for an 1.95m tall avgeek like me…

Thanks for checking out this topic and see you soon in the #real-world-aviation:spotting category 😉

Haha first, @Balloonchaser 😴

Nice stuff, Moritz.

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Yeah, he’s really disappointing when you don’t tag him 😏 jk

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Love the graphics!

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Last time my mom flew by herself, she encountered an actual barking dog. It would only bark when they announced delays 😂

Awesome trip report! I’ll be watching for more 🙃

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„Oh it’s the PTU again…

Wait, this is a 787 😳“

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great trip reports!

Well, that wasn’t my decision lol

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The video quality is amazing!! 🤩

Interesting hearing the crew announcements during these times. 🤔

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I didn’t even use 4K mode though 🤔 It was certainly nice to be back in the air 👀

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