Traveling this Summer

This isn’t something new, since I made it because of the sprout of travel posts, but this summer (hopefully and most likely), I will be travelling to California and Norway. I will either go to Sacramento or San Francisco on the California trip, and I hope to go on JetBlue looking at the prices and spotting opportunities. I likely will start in JFK if you want any planespotting done there. For the Norway trip, I plan to go Toronto to OSL via KLM in Amsterdam. Any requests?

Also, I have a collection of British Airways videos from my last trip if you’re interested in seeing, I just need to edit them.


If you head to SFO, hope the 28’s are active arrivals. Head over to the elephant bar and have lunch by the window.

I would love to see the British Airways videos

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I’ll be sure to try it on my way back! Thanks. (assuming I’ll go there :p)

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