Traveling the globe!

Goodmorning …. to whoever reads this! lol
Ive been spending some time reading allot of you guys posts, wow, what enthusiasm! and im not kidding! Some of the pics i have seen are just superb! So in my initiation …i guess you could call it im flying all over the infinite flight globe to go to some of these places you guys are flying out of, and doing some exploring of my own! Ive flown all over the UK and around Europe, headed down to Egypt and am now off to Dubai … I really enjoy and utilize the Arrival and Approach options in my flight planning, way to go Infinite guys! Ill throw in a couple snaps of some of my stops… to make it somewhat appealing! To everyone out there, Have a great day!!


hey those are some noice shots!
these should be in #screenshots-and-videos tho
oh nvm your TL1

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Great Pictures! But as told by @Ritesh321 above this should be in #screenshots-and-videos

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I just realised……

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Don’t worry! TL3 to the rescue, haha. Great shots @Sidewinder74


oh wow! i stand corrected! wont happen again!!

what is a TL1?

No worries! Keep taking great shots, and I will keep enjoying looking at them. To answer your question, TL means trust level. When you first join, I believe you are trust level 0. Keep interacting to get up to TL2. TL3 (also known as regular) is a manual promotion by staff. Feel free to check this topic made by Misha for more info: Why have I not reach trust level (X)?

Different trust levels have different perks. Trust level 2 (Member) can edit their own post and change the topic, which is why people were remarking about your trust level! Keep liking, posting, and commenting on topics and you will reach TL2 in no time!


gotcha! ;) thank you! and yes i will keep posting snapshots! but in the right venue!!! glad you liked them!

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Those dc-10 photos though… they look wonderful!

(It’s my favorite!)

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